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I am Killer Napkins.. I am an artist of sorts.I make weird shit. I hope you like it....
  • So I ordered a new printer. I have been wanting a color laser printer for awhile, so after reading tons and tons and tons of reviews, I ended up buying one. I got the Xerox Phaser 6280 ( the cheapest xerox brand printer I could find)…

    I had no clue that this thing was going to be the size of a mini fridge (see picture below)

    My large printer

    But anyway, it was a good buy. I need a color laser printer to do Acrylic transfers, and I am sick of having to run up to kinkos, making sure all my files are correct, and then paying a buck or 2 for a color laser print.

    So I decided to make an acrylic transfer tonight off of some illustration I had laying around on my computer. Printed well and transferred well.

    Here is the full panel, and I gave it a nice shiny lacquer coating too.

    So I am probably going to be doing a lot more of these now that I have the printer, with more experimentation with layering and paint application. I will most likely be putting em’ up for sale soon too ( with not a crazy fuckin’ price tag either )

    Hope you like.